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Best IKEA Pieces for Your Airbnb Apartment in 2023

IKEA furniture graphic

Whether you are setting up your property for Airbnb or have just moved into a new apartment, it can be a struggle to create a unique-inviting space while also keeping costs low. And though IKEA can be an easy one-stop shop for the basics of a new home or Airbnb, it’s sometimes hard to make a new space feel unique.

To be honest, there are many of overused IKEA pieces I just can’t see anymore (especially in Airbnb listings) but there are also many I love. In this article, we’ll explore the best IKEA pieces and our top picks you can use in your Airbnb apartment in 2023, from versatile furniture to cozy textiles.


Coming out just recently this year, these VARMBLIXT wall lamps are the product of an amazing collaboration between IKEA and designer, Sabine Marcelis. With a curved hook-like ending, these lamps can give more shape to long blocky hallways and I’ve seen dozens of ways people have been incorporating this lamp in their homes. Check out the VARMBLIXT lamp here.

Ikea VARMBLIXT lamp wall



We absolutely love the JÄTTEBO sofa and recommend it to anyone for three reasons. Check it out here.

  1. Modularity: This sofa never gets old and can always adapt to your living space. If you want a change, just rotate the chaise loungue for a wider couch. If you move to a bigger house, just add another unit to move it from a 2 to a 3-seater.

  2. Upholstry: This sofa model comes in many different colors and IKEA is producing new fabric options for it every year which makes it easy to swap out old covers or change the whole look.

  3. Storage: The JÄTTEBO also includes storage compartments underneath the seats, makeing it perfect for smaller living spaces or for anyone looking for extra storage.

Ikea JÄTTEBO couch staged on ikea rug



The TÄLLBYN is a sleek and modern nickel-plated floor lamp. Standing at 135cm tall, the lamp sits perfectly below eye-level and right above sitting-level making it perfect for living room spaces. Its murky glass shade diffuses light evenly and provides a nice glow, creating a cozy evening atmosphere. Check it out here.

Ikea TÄLLBYN lamp



The LINDBYN is the ideal wall-hanging mirror. Suited to narrow spaces or next to a doorway entrance, the IKEA LINDBYN brightens the space and can give shape to an, otherwise, blocky room. I’ve also seen photos of buyers mounting the mirror rotated at 90 degrees and at 47 inches, it's equally proportionate for hanging over dressers, benches, or other wider furniture items. Check it out here.

ikea LINDBYN mirror



These birch wood hangers are from the BASTUA line and are relatively new to IKEA. For spaces with empty walls these can bring some character and are great next to doorway entrances or hung above a bench or shoe storage. With 5 wooden pegs made from full Birchwood these are an easy way to liven up any space. Check it out here.

IKEA BASTUA hook hanger on wooden wall



The VÅGHÖJD is a dimmable floor lamp with a sleek metal base that slides perfectly next to a living-room sofa (in this case, the corduroy green JÄTTEBO. This is a great option for spaces with high ceilings or large open floor plans as it can bring height and spacial direction to a living space. Check it out here.

ikea VÅGHÖJD lamp above a couch on a green wall



I selected this cute STACKHOLMEN stool for its texture and found it a bit unique from other IKEA pieces. Off-the-bat you wouldn’t assume this is from IKEA with its stained wood and paracord strung base. At 43 cm tall, the STACKHOLMEN is not a large furniture item and it can easily be stowed against the wall or used as a side table for magazines. Intended as an outdoor piece, its rather durable and can be great for homes with narrow balconies or small porches. Check it out here.

ikea wood and parachord stool



Another piece from the BASTUA line, this IKEA bench is a great addition that can be used many ways. At 46cm tall and 74cm wide, the BASTUA bench can make a great base for storing bags next an entrance. Alternatively it can be used as a living room table, or as a catch-all for clothes in your bedroom. Though it slightly bothers me that the legs don’t fully rest on the ground but on sliders, it definitely wouldn’t stop me from incorporating this piece in my Airbnb. Check it out here.

paper lamp on IKEA Bastua bench



At a dimension of 213.36 cm x 152.4 cm (7 ' 10 " x 5 ' 7 " in feet) the BRÖNDEN is an ideal size to fill a small space and compliment most normal-sized sofas. This IKEA rug is made from a strong durable woven wool and is comfortable to walk on with this raised textural pattern. With a swatch of many light colors, this rug is a great way to lighten a space and add texture. This rug is still new to IKEA and vastly underrated, making it unrecognizably IKEA. Check it out here.




If you are looking for a pop of color to brighten up a bedroom this is the bedside table for you. Light and affordable, the KNARREVIK table by IKEA is a 37x28 cm (14 5/8 x 11 ") steel side table priced fairly at $15 (USD). The blue is vibrant and will pair well with a range of muted and vibrant lamps and decor items. Check it out here.

KNARREVIK side table by IKEA


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