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The Perfect 2 Days in Porto Itinerary

reitoria tapas bar Porto itinerary
Reitoria Tapas Bar, Porto

If you're anything like my partner and me, you likely lean towards a laid-back, unhurried approach to weekend getaways. If that's the case, Porto emerges as the perfect haven for a weekend retreat, promising an experience that leaves a lasting impression. For us, the ideal Porto itinerary isn't a rigid schedule but a gentle invitation to explore at your own rhythm—strolling through cobblestone streets, lingering over coffee in charming cafes, and spontaneously ducking into shops, museums, and bars. Within this 2 day Porto itinerary, you'll discover precisely that—the magic of a weekend in Porto without the anxiety of missing out on something spectacular. While we've outlined a suggested plan for each day, we encourage you not to stick too closely to it. Choose the bits that resonate with you, and let the streets of Porto be your whimsical guide. This guide is crafted for those who appreciate the personal touch, where every turn in the city feels like a personal discovery.

A Little About Porto

Situated along the Douro River in northern Portugal, Porto is celebrated as the birthplace of Portugal. With roots tracing back to Roman times, the city evolved into a bustling medieval trading hub and today stands as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Porto is historically known for its world-famous port wine and the city welcomes wine tourism year round providing tours of Porto’s wine cellars and the Douro valley; where much of the wine is cultivated.

The city's culinary scene, ranging from traditional Portuguese dishes to innovative gastronomy, adds to its appeal. Porto seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, evident in its medieval alleyways, panoramic views, and a thriving contemporary arts scene. Whether exploring historic sites, enjoying port wine with a view, or immersing in maritime heritage, Porto promises a unique Portuguese experience.

How Many Days Should You Spend in Porto?

When is the Best Time to Visit Porto?

What's the Best Way to Get Around Porto?

Our 2 Days in Porto Itinerary

In crafting this Porto travel plan, we've carefully selected activities to give a well rounded quality to your Porto visit. With this Porto itinerary you'll experience the best cafes, shopping, wine tastings, and attractions in the city in just two days! So, relax and take in the charm of this wonderful Portuguese city while seeing all of the highlights.

Looking for more ideas of things to do in Porto? We've also included a section below of Other Unique things to do in Porto that you can choose from to personalize your magical visit in Porto.

Day 1: Porto City Center & the Riverside

Day 1 of 2 days in Porto itinerary
Day 1: 2 Days in Porto Itinerary
cafe odiplomata breakfast menu

Morning - Breakfast at O Diplomata

Kickstart your Porto visit with a delicious breakfast at O Diplomata, a cozy café known for its amazing coffee and breakfast options. O’ Diplomata exudes character, blending the cozy ambiance of an American diner with a distinct Portuguese charm. The café's diverse selection of fresh juices and enticing savory and sweet dishes provides the perfect start to your first day in Porto. This sets the tone for an incredible Porto itinerary. Be sure to get here at opening to avoid the wait!

Porto itinerary clerigos tower

Morning - Clérigos Tower

After breakfast, make your way to Clérigos Tower, one of Porto's main UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Enjoy a panoramic view of Porto city and the Douro River from this iconic tower, adorned with stunning blue-tiled buildings. This architectural gem, an exemplary representation of 18th-century Italian design by Nicolau Nasoni, adds a historic touch to your Porto exploration.

porto cathedral portugal itinerary

Morning - Porto Cathedral

Explore the historical Porto Cathedral, a blend of Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque architecture. Capture blue-tiled panoramas of the Ribeira District and immerse yourself in Porto's rich cultural history. Looking at the cathedral you’ll see a mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architectural influences and when you look away from the cathedral you’ll experience another stunning view of the Porto Ribeira. For a deeper guide into the details and history of the Sé do Porto, check out this article by Ulysses Travel.

Porto ribeira douro river cruise

Noon - Stroll Along the Douro River

Take a leisurely stroll along the Douro River, passing by blue-tiled buildings and enjoying the picturesque Ribeira District. On days with sunny weather, its worth considering a river cruise or sitting by the water. If you're craving a light and satisfying snack, consider picking up delectable pastries from a nearby bakery to enhance your riverside enjoyment. One highly recommended option is Ribermel, a charming Portuguese bakery celebrated for its mastery in crafting local delights such as Pasteis de Chila and Pastel de Nata, along with a diverse selection of sweet and savory treats. This quaint spot is a favorite among both locals and tourists, creating a picturesque scene especially on sunny days.

epoca cafe porto coffee

Early Afternoon - Tea and Shopping in the Cedofeita Neighborhood

Recharge with tea at Rota Do Cha or coffee at Epoca Cafe in the vibrant Cedofeita neighborhood. Both of these spots, located in the Cedofeita neighborhood, are close to some of the best shopping Porto has to offer. Explore local boutiques and vintage stores such as Earlymade, CRU Creative Hub, LOJA, or Materia Prima Audiovisual where you can shop fashionable items, unique prints, and rare vinyl covers.

reitoria dinner tapas bar

Evening - Dinner at Reitoria

Indulge in a tapas-filled dinner at Reitoria, combining traditional Portuguese flavors with a modern twist. While their this a steakhouse upstairs, we personally recommend the downstairs tapas bar. Whether you're looking for a romantic date in Porto or a relaxed dinner with friends, we cannot recommend this restaurant enough. Reitoria's menu of foccacias, tapas, and meat dishes make it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed and vibrant dinner in Porto . This culinary gem is a must visit on your Porto itinerary if you are looking to try traditional Portuguese tapas paired with amazing wines.

Just a note: While you can book a table online for the steak restaurant upstairs, tables at the tapas bar are non-reservable and on a walk in basis.

For more reviews and recommendations about Reitoria or other dinner spots check out our guide on Where to Eat in Porto.

cafe cadelabro Porto

Evening - Drinks at Cafe Candelabro

Wrap up your day with drinks at Cafe Candelabro, a local favorite. This cozy spot offers a great selection of drinks and a vibrant atmosphere making it the perfect place to unwind and share your favorite moments from your Porto trip. In the winter it's a bit harder to find seating as you'll likely want to sit inside. None the less, on a weekend night Cafe Candelabro is definitely the place to be.

Day 2: Iconic Landmarks and Gastronomic Delights

Day 2 of 2 days in Porto itinerary
Day 2: 2 Days in Porto Itinerary

combi roasters cafe 2 days in Porto itinerary

Morning - Coffee at a Combi Roasters Porto

Begin your second day with a cup of coffee at Combi Roasters or A Certain Café. These Porto cafés are renowned for their inviting atmosphere, making them ideal for a relaxing start to your day. Both Combi and 'A Certain Café' have light breakfast items like pastries, avocado toasts, and other sweet/savory options.

Looking for more Porto Cafes? Check out our guide to the 10 Best Porto Cafés which describes each café and provides more coffee shop recommendations.

Porto bolhao market Portugal

Morning - Check Out The Bolhão Market

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Bolhão Market (Mercado do Bolhão), a must-visit on your Porto travel itinerary. Explore the market's stalls and savor local delights, enhancing your cultural experiences in Porto.

This is the perfect place to pick up gifts and souvenirs for close friends. Make sure to grab a bite to eat at Confeitaria do Bolhão, a bakery inside the market that serves mouthwatering pastries and sandwiches.

Porto Dom Luis Bridge

Noon - Walk over the Dom Luís I Bridge

Take a scenic walk over the iconic Dom Luís I Bridge, designed by Gustave Eiffel. This bridge connects what is traditionally referred to as the old city of Oporto and Vila Nova de Gaia, where all the local Portuguese wine makers have their wine cellars and provide wine tastings for visitors. Enjoy breathtaking views of Porto city and the Douro River, capturing memorable moments for your Porto itinerary.

Porto Gaia wine cellar tour itinerary

Afternoon - Experience the Gaia Wine Cellars

Crossing the bridge leads you to Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto's wine district. Embark on a wine exploration at Caves Ferreira, Caves Sandeman, or Caves Calem, adding a touch of Port wine discovery to your Porto trip.

For a humorous twist on the morning, you might also stop by Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau and try their famous Pastel de Bacalhau and a glass of Port wine will listening to live organ renditions of familiar tunes. This is an experience I will never forget, but it also requires a bit of serendipitous humor on your part.

The Feeting Room SO Cafe Porto

Late Afternoon - Take a break at SO Cafe & The Feeting Room

Unwind at The Feeting Room's Loios location, indulging in boutique shopping and coffee at SO Cafe. With a boutique of unique items across two floor, The Feeting Room is a great place to find cute curated fashion finds. This relaxing spot provides a perfect break before your evening adventures in Porto.

Sao Bento train station Porto murals

Early Evening - The Walls of São Bento Station

Discover the grandeur of São Bento Station, an architectural marvel adorned with blue-tiled panoramas depicting Portugal's heritage. Capture the essence of historical Porto as you explore this iconic landmark. To make the scene even more grand, just after the station entrance you'll arrive at the train platforms where you will witness the massive train tunnels which were dug out of the rock decades before the station's construction. Sao Bento is an astonishing achievement of engineering and architectural history.

Aduela Porto itinerary

Early Evening - Drinks at Aduela Bar

Before dinner, experience the local vibe at Aduela bar. You can choose to sit here before or after dinner. The bar is very local and always full of life in the evenings, making it a perfect way to relax after a long day of sightseeing. Their prices are reasonable and the 'house wine' is whatever they have on stock - meaning you'll always be trying something new.

Tokkotai Porto Dinner

Evening - Dinner at Tokkotai

Conclude your Porto trip with dinner at Tokkotai, where Japanese cuisine meets Portuguese flavors. When you visit, be sure to order the beautifully presented spicy tuna cannoli—a crispy bite with a fresh taste. The tartars are also a must-try. And if you enjoy cocktails, you'll be impressed by Tokkotai's house concoctions, which perfectly complement their delicious food. This Japanese gem in Porto combines exquisite presentation and delectable flavors. Remember to secure your spot by booking reservations online for an unforgettable experience.

For more reviews and recommendations about Tokkotai or other dinner spots check out our guide on Where to Eat in Porto.

Where to Stay in Porto

While Porto’s city center is relatively compact, each neighborhood has its own charm. Being a city of rolling hills, travelers can benefit from choosing accommodation as close as possible to the city center. For those desiring a luxury hotel experience, staying close to the riverfront in Porto’s Ribeira district in a boutique hotel like Torel 1884 Suites & Apartments will allow you to enjoy beautiful hotel views, while staying close to the city’s attractions. For a more remote luxury stay in the city travelers should also consider a stay at The Yeatman, one of Porto’s most premium hotel experiences, boasting an incredible wine selection.

Travelers looking for budget friendly options close to the city center should consider accommodation in semi-central neighborhoods like Cedofeita, Sé, or Bonfim. For a warm and friendly hotel experience in Porto’s Bonfim neighborhood you can’t go wrong with Hotel Mouco. For a charming guesthouse experience in the city, Casa Kala is a wonderful accommodation option housed in a beautifully preserved 19th-century building featuring high ceilings and the wooden floors.

If you’re searching for a more local Airbnb experience consider staying at our very own Apartment on Silveira in Cedofeita where you’ll be close to some of the best local bars, shops, cafes, and restaurants in the city. Additionally, Foyer 25 - Duplex I by Cozy Stay is a beautifully designed Airbnb option, located only a short walking distance from the bustling Bolhа̃o Market (in Portuguese: Mercado do Bolhа̃o).

Travelers looking to stay for longer periods should also consider Airbnb and hotel options like these lovely Boutique Apartment by 7g roasters, just across the river in Vila Nova de Gaia.

For more help on choosing the perfect hotel or airbnb in Porto. read our articles on The Best Porto Hotels: Affordable to Luxury and 15 Cool Porto Airbnbs

Other Unique Things to Do in Porto

Uncover the beauty and culture of Porto with our curated list of unique activities. From exploring iconic bookstores to savoring a luxurious lunch at the historic Majestic Café, our guide ensures an unforgettable journey through this vibrant city.

Explore the World-Famous Livraria Lello

Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of Livraria Lello, renowned as one of the most beautiful bookstores in Europe. Delight in its architectural splendor, intricate woodwork, and an extensive collection of books.

Indulge in Elegance at Majestic Café

Elevate your culinary experience with a sumptuous lunch at Majestic Café, a Porto institution since 1921. Feast on exquisite cuisine while surrounded by the timeless charm of Belle Époque décor.

Enjoy the Coastal Beauty of Foz do Douro

Unwind in Foz do Douro, Porto's coastal district. Take a leisurely stroll along the promenade, relish fresh seafood at local restaurants, and absorb the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Admire Panoramic Views at the Monastery of Serra do Pilar

Venture across the river to Vila Nova de Gaia and explore the Monastery of Serra do Pilar. Revel in panoramic views of Porto, marvel at the circular cloister, and appreciate the unique architecture of this historical site.

Experience the Magic of a Douro River Cruise

Enhance your evening with a scenic Douro River cruise. Witness the city's enchanting skyline and illuminated bridges, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere. Select cruises even offer dinner options for a complete experience.

Discover Porto's Street Art Scene

Immerse yourself in the vibrant street art of Porto. Wander through neighborhoods like Miguel Bombarda, renowned for its art galleries and captivating murals. Capture the creativity of local and international artists.

Unleash Your Artistic Side in a Portuguese Tiles Workshop

Engage in a hands-on Portuguese Tiles Workshop to create your own personalized masterpiece. Dive into the rich history and craftsmanship of these iconic tiles, adding a unique touch to your Porto experience.


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