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The Best Amazon Lamps for your Apartment or Airbnb in 2024

Whether you are setting up an Airbnb or have just moved into a new apartment, it can be a struggle to find quality lighting at an affordable price. Whether hung from the ceiling, wall, or standing, lighting fixtures are a perfect and strategic way to elevate any space and create a curated feel. While many opt for IKEA or local lighting shop options, we are here to share affordable and accessible Amazon options.

In this article, we’ll explore our top picks for the best Amazon lamps and lighting fixtures you can use in your next Airbnb or apartment in 2024, for an eclectic and curated look.

1. Modern Tree Floor Lamp

This Amazon modern floor lamp is the perfect addition to any living room design or as an artistic addition to a bedroom setup. At 62 inches tall, this lamp sits beautifully next to any sofa. Check out the Modern Tree Floor Lamp here.


2. Rustic Black Table Lamp

At 20 inches tall, this rustic table lamp is great for anyone trying to create a luxurious farmhouse aesthetic in their space. Made from handmade ceramic material, this lamp is sturdy with a clean textured finish. Check out the Rustic Black Table Lamp here.


3. Maiori Black Striped Papier Mache Table Lamp

Made from a unique papier mache material, this lamp is lightweight and sturdy in construction. Featuring painted black lines, this lamp is the perfect way to add texture to a bedroom or living room space - pairing perfectly with pattern through blankets, textured rugs, and colored sofas.

Check out the Amazon Maiori Black Striped Lamp here.


4. Atolla Cotton Tasseled and Textured Table Lamp

This tasseled lamp is a beautiful addition to any home seeking to add a textured and playful dynamic to your home or airbnb. With many color options, this lamp can be curated. to match your color aspirations elevating a wide range of styles. Check out the Atolla Cotton Tasseled Lamp here.


5. 23" Modern Ceramic Table Lamp Set

Sold as a set of two, this modern ceramic lamp set is the perfect purchase to frame any bedroom or living room setting. Sold in a variety of colors and texture options, this lamp set can be easily adapted to your space and at 23 inches tall, these lamps are perfect for tall interiors with high ceilings. Check out this Modern Ceramic set here.


6. Modern Decor Adjustable Pendant Lamp

Featuring a sleek and elegant aluminum and hardwood construction, this adjustable pendant lamp is an ideal statement piece above any dining table or kitchen island. Easy to install and available in multiple color options, this light can be easily adapted to your space, providing clean overhead light with a sculptural quality. Check out this Amazon Modern pendant lamp here.


7. Japanese Noguchi Style Lamp

Known for its warm and diffused qualities, paper lamps are great for creating mood lighting, adding. a touch of calm to cozy corners and soft spaces. These lamps are extremely lightweight and an affordable option for someone looking to furnish multiple rooms of a space. Check out this Noguchi style lamp here.


8. Black Farmhouse Rustic Table Lamp

Similar to the previous rustic table lamp, this lighting option is also crafted from handmade ceramic and provides an elegant and natural quality with it's jagged cacao inspired shape. Check out this farmhouse rustic table lamp here.


9. 61" Coastal Bohemian Iron/Rattan LED Floor Lamp

Originally bohemian in craft, this Amazon lamp can be transferred into a range of environments and styles for those looking ot create an eclectic aesthetic. With its woven wicker appearance this lamp is a great addition next to a sofa or armchair, providing ample light for the perfect reading corner or nook. Check out this coastal bohemian lamp here.


10. Wild Thing Papier Mache Table Lamp

The second paper mache option in our lighting lineup, the 'wild thing' is. a funky and affordable lighting option for someone looking to add a chic and playful atmosphere to their interior space. A combination of 70's infused retro and modern farmhouse, this lamp can be paired with multiple aesthetics to create an all around eclectic vibe. Check out the wild thing here.


11. Shelby Raffia Two-Tone Table Lamp

Lightweight in construction and affordable, this full raffia two-tone lamp is a great option for someone looking to experiment and add a bit of texture to an interior. Bohemian in style, this lamp can be paired with like-objects or curated in a wide range of applications for an experimental feel. Check out the Shelby lamp here.


12. Cute Small Pleated Lamp

Small and chic, this pleated lamp is the perfect addition to any small bedside table or shelf space. Crafted from pleated plastic and solid wood, this lamp comes in a couple different wood varieties and ads the perfect amount of accent light to a small space. Check out this lamp here.


13. Rechargeable Flowerpot Table Lamp

A close replica of a timeless and versatile piece, this flowerpot lamp is the perfect way to add color tot a space with a statement piece. With its' rechargeable base this lamp can be moved throughout the space providing light and color to different areas throughout the day. Check out the flowerpot lamp here.


14. Creative Design Donut Atmosphere Lamp

A close replica to an earlier IKEA design, this donut lamp is a fun way to add a retro inspired mood at an affordable price. With dimmable color options, this light is a fun and funky addition to a living room space. Check out the donut lamp here.


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