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The Best Porto Furniture Stores for Your Airbnb Apartment

In the spring of 2022, my partner and I had the opportunity to fulfill a shared childhood dream: purchasing an elegant one-bedroom apartment in the vibrant city of Porto, Portugal. As we stepped inside, keys in hand, I was immediately struck by the refreshing emptiness of the apartment, a blank canvas ready to be transformed into our dream apartment. However, the initial feeling of relief was short-lived and quickly replaced by a sense of panic as we realized we had only five days to furnish, decorate, and equip the space.

With a lot of work ahead of us and only a week to complete it, we quickly sprung into action — researching furniture stores, scouring Porto blogs, desperately looking for where we might find the right furniture pieces to compliment our soon-to-be Airbnb apartment. It was a daunting task, but we were determined to create a home that reflected our style and personality.

Luckily Porto is a city full of character, charm, and history with plenty of great furniture stores that offer unique, affordable, and stylish pieces — you just have to know where to find them.

Here are the best Porto stores to shop for furniture, decoration, & homeware in for your new home or bnb:

Also, checkout our Porto Furniture City Guide on Google Maps for all the places mentioned here & more!


1. Area Store — Furniture & Decoration, Moderate Pricing, Wide Variety

Outside of the city center but easily accessible by Uber or car — we spent way too much time here, practically coming back everyday for small decorations & to look for staple furniture pieces that we might have previously overlooked.

Area Store is a modern and stylish Porto furniture store that offers contemporary and minimalist pieces. If you’re looking for a Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic, this is the store for you. From sofas to dining tables to lighting fixtures, you’ll find a wide selection of chic and functional pieces at Area Store. If you are planning in advance, the store also has a wider online catalogue and can order furniture pieces for your arrival. 

What we took from here: Though it does have high-price items in stock, there are a lot of reasonable decoration pieces to be found here and they have sale pieces in the back of the store, where we found this solid wood nightstand. We also picked up various colorful ceramics & decorations for the home that were relatively inexpensive.

2. Kinda — Furniture & Decoration, Moderate Pricing, Huge Variety

A bit cheaper than ‘Area Store’ and, also, just across the road from it — Kinda is a furniture store that has wide range of designs and design duplicates (‘doops’) which are generally more cost-reasonable. Though we didn’t take much from here we definitely recommend making this one of your first stops (along with ‘Area store’) to open your mind to a wide range of styles before you narrow your search.

3. Mundano Objectos — Statement Pieces, Higher Pricing, Interior Design Shop/Studio

Located in the heart of Porto, Mundano Objectos is a must visit if you are looking for unique design items. The store itself doesn’t have a huge inventory but its a great place to visit if you want a few statement pieces for your space. For those that have more time in Porto, Mundano Objectos has a much larger online-catalogue for ordering and also provides interior design services for customers who want to outsource the design of their new home or airbnb. Definitely a must-visit if you are keen on finding fun furniture and decoration pieces.

What we took from here: It was here that we found a wonderful retro vintage shelf for our living room made of heat-molded acrylic & a colorful tufted rug to bring warmth to our concrete floors. We were hesitant to invest in these pieces at first, but as soon as they were delivered to our airbnb, we were assured it was well worth it.

4. LOJA — Vintage Furniture, Moderate Pricing, Wooden Antiques and Retro Pieces

LOJA is a small furniture store that specializes in vintage and restored pieces. They offer a wide range of looks for such a small-local shop and its a great place to source for beautiful wooden stools and tables. The few times that I visited I noticed alot vintage Scandinavian designs along with some retro mirrors and statement hanging lights. If you are looking to warm up or age your space with some vintage wooden details  LOJA is a great choice. 

5. Armazem — Miscellaneous Warehouse, Wide Pricing, Antiques, Old Chests, & Old Movie Posters

Armazem is a miscellaneous warehouse full of antique Portuguese furniture, old movie posters, books, tables, records, and everything you can think of. It’s a great place to source fun antiques and vintage art items to add texture and cultural reference when furnishing your Porto home. It’s also a fantastic afternoon stop for a hot coffee, cold beer, and chess next to the river after a long morning of shopping.

6. Banema Studio — Contemporary Designers & Pieces, Higher Priced, Interior Design Shop/Studio

Banema Studio has branches in Porto and in Lisbon where they keep stock of their high-quality and contemporary pieces. They retail well known designer furniture & home items from designers like HAY, FRAMA, Ferm Living, as well as items from their own label. This is definitely an option on the pricier side but hosts a lot of practical options which makes it a great stop during your search in Porto.

What we took from here: Here, we found these fantastic collapsable storage bins from HAY which we used as under sink storage in our airbnb bathroom.

7. Pedras & Passegos — Local Furniture Designer, Moderately/Higher Priced, Scandinavian & Quality Wood Designs

Pedras & Passegos is a furniture producer that specializes in natural materials, particularly wood. We met Jaime, the store owner / furniture designer, upon our visit there and he helped us to find several options for space, which is only a block away from his Porto shop.

P&P offers a wide range of furniture, from dining tables to bookcases to outdoor furniture, all made from high-quality wood and they also do custom orders if there is a particular piece you like in the store —

What we took from here: It was important for us to have a statement piece in our living room that would provide comfortable seating for quiet days lounging in the bnb. We found just that in Jaime’s store and it perfectly warmed up our space. In addition, we also picked up this vintage Scandinavian side table which fit perfectly in the bedroom for resting a light and providing a place to charge ones phone at night.

8. Origin Made — Designed Furniture, Moderate-High Priced, Local Designs

Origin Made is a furniture store that offers handmade pieces from local artisans. They have a wide range of styles, from rustic to modern, and their furniture is known for its high quality and attention to detail. Origin Made’s pieces are perfect for anyone looking for a unique and personalized touch for their space.

9. Pollux — Homeware Kitchen & Bedding, Moderately Priced, IKEA Kitchenware Alternative

Pollux is less a place for furniture and more for home decor, bedding, kitchen, and any of the other small things you might need for equipping your home or airbnb. They provide many cheap affordable options to the all-to-familiar IKEA cutlery / table sets, as well as kitchen-specific equipment items, and bathroom hooks, handles, and towels. It’s important to have a place to quickly grab all of those ‘afterthought items’ once you’ve gotten the big items on your list.

What we took from here: From kitchen pots, a knife set, mops and wall hooks, we found everything we needed for the apartment in a fly. The store is particular in the way they provide service as they treat each of their 4 floors as a separate department where you pay for items on the floor you found it. It makes for a lot of receipts but you get everything you need and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable & helpful for finding the items or solutions you need.

10. ZARA Home — Home Decoration & Furniture, Moderately Priced, Warm Reliable Designs

When initially planning the house we had thought to take the bulk of our furniture from ZARA Home (e.g. bed frames, stools, tables, chests). ZARA Home produces warm and inviting options that are affordable and can easily go together in creating a unified look for a home/apartment. Upon arriving to Porto we quickly realized that the stock there was not what we’d expected and we’d have to look elsewhere for many of our items.

Despite initially skipping this option for a majority of our furniture the first week there, we ended up returning to their smaller location across from the Casa da Musica and finding a lot of quality wooden furniture on sale.

What we took from here: After much deliberation about a coffee table (I have a love/hate relationship with coffee tables) we ended up finding one here of the perfect size. We also found a pair of wooden barstools, a kitchen rug, and a ladder for hanging clothes and towels that all complemented the space so well.