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A Guide to Airbnb First Aid Kits for Airbnb Hosts

As an Airbnb host, one of the most important things to consider is the safety and well-being of your guests. Accidents and injuries can happen at any time, and having a well-stocked first aid kit can make all the difference in providing prompt and effective treatment. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about first aid kits for Airbnb hosts, including what should be included, how to maintain it, and how to use it in case of an emergency.

We've also included links to two first aid kits that you can pick up at, today.

band aid plaster addressing wounded hand for safety


Why Do Airbnb Hosts Need First Aid Kits?

As an Airbnb host, it’s important to be prepared for any type of emergency. Guests may accidentally cut themselves, burn their skin, or suffer from an allergic reaction. Having a well-stocked first aid kit on hand can help you provide prompt and effective treatment, and prevent minor injuries from becoming major problems. In addition, having a first aid kit can help guests feel safe and secure during their stay.

What Should Be Included in Your Airbnb First Aid Kit?

A first aid kit should contain all the essential items needed to provide immediate care in the event of an injury. The following items should be included:

Essential First Aid Emergency Items (Source:

  • 2 pairs of latex-free gloves

  • Latex-free adhesive bandages of different sizes

  • Sterile gauze pads of different sizes

  • One roll adhesive cloth tape

  • Roller bandages of different sizes

  • One elastic bandage

  • 3 or 4 triangular bandages

  • One 36" malleable radiolucent splint

  • One unit of antibiotic ointment, cream, or wound gel

  • 4 sealable plastic bags

  • 5 antiseptic wipe packets

  • 2 packets of chewable aspirin

  • One space blanket

  • One CPR breathing barrier (with a one-way valve)

  • One pair of utility shears or scissors

  • Oral thermometer

  • Tweezers

Additional First Aid Items

  • Antihistamines for allergic reactions

  • Pain relievers such as aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen

  • Hydrocortisone cream for insect bites and rashes

  • Aloe vera gel for burns and sunburns

  • Saline solution for flushing eyes or wounds

  • Instant glucose for diabetic emergencies

  • Epinephrine auto-injector for severe allergic reactions

How to Store and Maintain Your First Aid Kit

It’s important to store your first aid kit in a location that is easily accessible to both you and your guests, such as a kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Check that the kit is clearly labeled and easily identifiable in case of an emergency.

Check the contents of your first aid kit regularly and replace any items that are expired or used. A tip for this is to note down on a piece of tape on the outside of the kit the expiration dates of contained items and if any supplies are running low. Additionally, It’s important to note down an inventory of your first aid kit. This will ensure that you and your guests are always prepared for an emergency.

Using Your First Aid Kit in an Emergency

In the event of an emergency, the first step is to assess the situation and determine the severity of the injury. If the injury is minor, such as a small cut or scrape, clean the wound with antiseptic solution or wipes and apply an adhesive bandage or sterile gauze pad.

For more serious cases, such as a deep cut or burn, you should seek immediate medical attention. In these cases, its important to have written in your Airbnb the local emergency numbers as your guests may be visiting from abroad. While waiting for medical assistance, provide basic first aid treatment using the items in your first aid kit. It’s important to stay calm and focused during an emergency.

Tips: Preventing Accidents and Injuries

While having a well-stocked first aid kit is important, it’s important to note that it’s more important to prevent accidents and injuries from happening in the first place. Here are some ways you, as an Airbnb host, can further prevent accidents and injuries from occurring in your Airbnb property:

  1. Keep your Airbnb property clean and free from hazards: Make a habit of inspecting your property for potential hazards like loose carpeting, exposed wires, or slippery surfaces. Make sure all areas around your property are well-lit, and remove any clutter that could cause tripping.

  2. Provide safety equipment: Make sure your property is equipped with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers. Additionally, You may want to consider providing multiple first aid kits if your property is large or has multiple floors.

  3. Provide clear safety information: Provide clear and upfront information to your guests on where to find the safety equipment, emergency contact information, and any other important safety items about your property.

  4. Be prepared for emergencies: Develop an emergency plan that includes evacuation procedures, emergency contact information, and the location of the nearest hospital or urgent care center. Insure that you've provided a list of the national emergency numbers for your guests.

Which First Aid Kit to Buy for Your Airbnb Listing

When shopping for a first aid kit for your Airbnb listing, you'll want to find one that has all the basic essential items all in one package for easy storing. A good Airbnb first aid kit is one that will fit in common areas and reads as a proper first aid kit with proper color or signage. A basic first aid kit should have bandages, sterilization, tools, and the basic supplies outlined above.

Top Airbnb First Aid Kits for Your Short Term Rental

Here are a few of the best first aid kit options we've found for Airbnb and short-term rentals.

This first aid kit by CureIT is a great first aid option. With 230 pieces, the first aid kit contains everything outlined in the list of essentials and is easily recognizable to guests due to its bright red appearance and labeling. This kit is a 'Class B' and 'Type III' kit as it contains more than the necessary basic first-aid equipment and is waterproofed for all purposes.

Find the CureIT kit here.

With 120 Pieces this first aid kit is a bit lower in cost than the previous, while still containing everything necessary in the basic essentials of Airbnb first aid. While this kit stands out a bit less, the lid is marked in bright red next to an inventory list of all the items contained in the kit. We love this feature as it allows Airbnb hosts to keep track of the kit inventory and mark on the lid when supplies are low. Like the CureIT kit, this first aid kit is also 'Class B' and 'Type III' as it meets more than the basic first aid requirements and is waterproofed for all purpose uses.

Find the General Medi kit here.


As an Airbnb host, it’s important to be prepared for any size emergency. By having a well-stocked first aid kit, you can provide prompt and effective treatment for your guests in the event of an injury. Remember to regularly check your kit for expired or used items, and store it in an easily accessible location. By following these tips, you can help prevent accidents and injuries from happening in the first place, and ensure that your guests feel safe and secure during their stay.

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Is it mandatory for Airbnb hosts to have a first aid kit?

While first aid kits are not mandatory, Airbnb highly recommends hosts to equip their listings with one for emergencies. For more information on whether you are required to provide a first aid kit in your Airbnb listing, check the local short-term rental laws of your country.

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